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Stated Income Loans

How it Works

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It takes less than 10 minutes to complete our simple, loan application in order to get the answers you need.

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Within 24 hours of receipt of your loan application, we will provide you a written offer disclosing all terms in a clear, easy to understand manner.

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In a matter of days, not weeks like most lenders, the loan is funded through escrow and funds wired to you directly.

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You make monthly payments to us via mail, phone or direct deposit. It’s that easy.

Stated Income Apartment Loans Borrower Document Requirements

For stated income loan program that don’t require personal tax returns, as part of the lender’s due diligence the underwriter will require certain documents from the borrowers or key principals.

A personal financial statement is required to verify the borrower has the financial capacity to meet the lender’s minimum liquidity and net worth requirements. The lender is also looking at a borrower’s contingent liabilities. The lender may require the sponsor to provide tax returns to demonstrate the sponsor can adequately supplement the property’s income to service the debt – thereby avoiding a potential future default.

Stated Income Loan

While stated income apartment loans don’t have personal income document requirements, the subject property’s income is verified through income and expense statements. Further, a borrower can expect the lender to require ongoing financial statement reporting requirements. The lender will require a rent roll and current income and expense statements for the subject property.

$2,000,000 TO $25,000,000 | 5-100 Units

30 Year fully amortized loans rolls into ADJUSTABLE loans after initial 3,5,7 ,10 year fixed rate.

City Capital Realty will look to verify the property to service the new loan payments by obtaining the following documents for the subject property.

Contact City Capital Realty Loan Specialist at 310-714-5616 to discuss your specific needs and see if we can customize a program to meet your individual needs and constraints. Or request a custom quote and your assigned specialist will contact you with available apartment financing options.

  • Two most recent year income and expense statements
  • Year to date profit and loss
  • Current rent roll
  • Sampling of leases
  • Tax bill
  • Appraisal reports
  • Schedule of real estate
  • Copy of all mortgage statements
  • Three months bank statements
  • Photo of interior and exterior
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